As a citizen of your county, you have the right to request any information from your county government. This will either be with a FOIA request or possibly a Public Records Request.

Examples of things to ask for:

  • Ballot Images from the 2020 Election
  • Email communication between county election personnel and Dominion/ES&S/Hart/CTCL
  • Tabulator logs

You probably have an idea of what happened in your county, so ask for anything related to any abnormalities you have heard of or seen. Here is the sequence to follow:
  • If you know an election official, make a friendly, off the record request first. Believe it or not, this has worked.
  • Make a polite request for the information. You do not have to say why you want it. If you are asking for a lot of data, offer to provide a flash drive or portable hard drive.
  • There might be a charge for what you are requesting. If you cannot handle it, reach out to other Patriots or groups for help.
  • If they reject, they MUST cite a County or State statute. If they do not, make a polite followup asking for it.
  • If they provide a statute, find a read it carefully. Many times they give a wrong one, or one that doesn't apply. For instance if you ask for something that is digital data they cite a statute that obviously only applies to paper. If you think the statute does not apply, make a somewhat sterner but still polite statement to them that the statute does not apply, so they should send you the info.
  • If you ask for election records of any kind, and they say they do not have them, or destroyed them, then send them a request to check again, as this would be admitting to violating the Federal 22 month election records retention laws. (Your state might have an even longer period).
  • If they still reject, contact the county sherrif and make a criminal complaint that the election office is violating the "sunshine laws" or whatever they call them there. If they admitted to destroying, add that charge. If it is in your means, contacting an attorney at this point to draft the criminal complaint would be best.
  • Keep a copy of every correspondance. Make a note of everyone you communicate with, and their title.
  • If you DO get the info, be sure to pass them on to other people who can evaluate them (if you cannot). I am certainly willing to help with this if you want, email me at Your identity will be protected.
  • If you get rejected, also let people know. I would love to know as well.